Why Become a Business Member?

Intelligent branding, profitable sales and increased loyalty – this is what we are all about. No matter what business you are in, or who your audience is, we deliver vital brand presence that resonates with your customers both locally and globally. Rely on our personalized, self directed, feature-packed and easy-to-use platform to help increase your market share, sales, and profits.

Click on our infographic to see how your business can benefit right away from Global Coupon Business Membership:

Global Coupon Business Membership Digital Marketing Advertising

Critical facts for global brands and businesses: 

50% of the world’s population is under the age of 27, the majority of whom live in urban areas. Millenials consider themselves “active agents of change rather than passive bystanders”. In a recent study of millenials, 92% agreed that the world must change, 84% considered it their duty to drive change and nearly 82% believed they have the power to make this change happen. (WEF - Global Shapers)

Business Members are the backbone of Global Coupon. 

The Global Coupon platform serves worldwide businesses and brands that are proactive in their business strategy forward, who embrace and value their conversion to, and/or inclusion of, effective digital brand marketing, display advertising, social media integration, loyalty programs, and enhanced customer engagement into their business strategy forward.

Although you can join free as a Business Subscriber, as a valued Business Member you receive access to all of the platform's powerful tools and resources to drive revenue to your business, dominance, and presence across your brands. In addition to the freedom to create, edit and administer your B2C (business to consumer) or B2B (business to business) ad campaigns and listings, as a Business Member, you will be empowered with features to help capitalize on your ongoing digital brand marketing and digital display/video advertising campaigns.

Among these features, you will be provided with a business page with its own unique vanity URL for unlimited inbound and outbound marketing traffic. You get this dedicated, branded deal space for $10/month, with no obligation to participate at a higher level. If scalable brand presence by business categories and locations are desired, businesses and agencies may choose to buy customized city, regional, national, international, or global functionality, priced based on population brand reach and economic buying power. With this expanded use of platform features, your options and opportunities expand. You can leverage high impact advertising opportunities on Global Coupon’s local to global landing pages. On top of this, you’ll have access to numerous advertising opportunities within our targeted outbound communications, the category targeted ‘Bid My Deal’ e-distribution facility, and more. We even bridge the gap between management and marketing, with built-in marketing analytics and our powerful means to track, research and pursue qualified high-worth subscribers who have opted in to receive your brand offers.

Sell More. Save More. Everyday™ Increase your customer base and modernize your sales and market exposure with intuitive tools that deliver – both today and into the future. Intelligent and affordable, find out how you can gain more business with Global Coupon today.