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Global Coupon is your digital platform for marketing, advertising, and branding your business offers, products and services to consumers and businesses. You can upgrade at any time for even wider reach to establish greater business presence, customer engagement, visibility, and search ability. 

You are now listed in the global business directory having full functionality to create listings, ad campaigns, post as many brand offers, incentives, promotions, or new products to market into relevant business categories that will be visible and searchable by users within the regions (your sell-to markets) specified by your membership parameters.

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1.  Build your business profile - This is what consumers/businesses experience when on your master business page. 

2.  Set your preferences. Integrate your social media links etc.

3.  Set your Business Access card merchant parameters. (This is a special program only for Access Card holders promoting what you currently offer current and future Consumer or Business Access card holders that frequent YOUR business) If your membership is B2C, set consumer customer retail based parameters: If your membership is B2B, set business mfg/wholesale customer based parameters)    

4.  Create your business listings. 

5.  Manage your Media and Advertising by uploading display/video ad creative into your Ad gallery.   

6.  Bid/Buy Advertising though out the platform by page type, user preference categories, ad spot location, geographic location.

7.  Get your personalized company Access Card to benefit from other businesses' listed incentives, offers, and new productts.

8.  Purchase your bulk Corporate Access cards (min 50) which is an 'of the shelf' loyalty and/or perk program for your business and employees. 

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