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Online media. Web based, Tablet, and Mobile users. Scalable local to global branding and a Social Impact Values Revolution. The future is here, and the future is digital. We enable strategy, build relationships, driving marketing and advertising solutions for businesses, brands, franchises, and agencies.

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At Global Coupon, targeted global digital marketing and advertising - meets enhanced customer engagement. Result: Optimal brand resonance and sales conversion.

Web based to mobile, we’re all about branding, driving profitable sales, and growing brand loyalty – it’s that simple. Of course, the ways we help to build your brand are far more sophisticated. If you want to raise your brand awareness, expand your brand presence, and target relevant customers or businesses with your brand or branded promotional offers, anywhere in the world, our innovative solutions can help. Find out how you can provide promotional brand incentives for your products, services, and professional services using our next generation platforms to achieve the highest objective in marketing - profitable sales conversion.

How do consumers or businesses find your business in an increasingly digital world ? Up until now, businesses utilized mainly passive, regionalized, business directories to simply list their businesses for B2C/B2B connectivity with little or no resources to actively drive brands, sales and market expansion. The Global Coupon platform enables businesses, agencies, and marketers to list their business/brands, while incorporating all available platform resources to enhance profitable sales conversion, and preferred SEO (search engine optimization) on major search engine rankings such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, MSN etc., from every listing and display ad across the platform. 

Further, business competitive advantage is achieved by dominating brand presence and visibility in relevant B2C/B2B categories by location, while further leveraging a full suite of deep resources in consumer (B2C) and business (B2B) digital brand marketing, product/service showcasing, inbound and outbound marketing, digital display/video advertising, social media integration, targeted preference and location based subscriber marketing, and lastly, a full vertical solution from digital to bricks & mortar in-store/online increased sales via the Access Card program.

Global Coupon makes it easy for businesses and agencies to convert their brand marketing and advertising to digital from other traditional high cost forms of media. Global Coupon also connects leading edge digital brand marketing to in-store bricks and mortar by integrating the entire vertical from businesses' platform usage, to mobile, to digital Access Card patronage in-store or on-line. Benefit from a much more cost effective, dynamic and intelligent choice to achieve your brand marketing and advertising goals.   

Businesses can choose to register as paid members, to take full advantage of the Global Coupon platform's extensive functionality, or as free subscribers, who use the site mainly as business consumers. So not only can businesses market to desired audiences, as subscribers they can also save money on purchases for products and suppliers for their own operations.

Our traffic consists of highly valued customers. That’s a fact we pride ourselves on.

Our highly valued customers engage with us regularly. Whether they are local or global, our subscribers and members opt-in to search and receive periodic brand offers of winning Bid My Deal promotional incentives, or an expansive array of brand advertising and marketing opportunities. This means that their relationship with your brand can be continually fostered and enriched. Since the interest in your brand and promotional incentives comes from genuine, qualified target customers, you can focus on creating profitable brand campaigns. Since we support both B2C (business to consumer) and B2B (business to business) enterprises, you can entrench your brand with the audiences you choose, increase your in-store and online sales, and benefit from actual sales conversion and long-term competitive advantage.

Our solutions are designed with effective digital brand marketing at its heart.

In today’s competitive marketplace, the opportunity to intelligently boost your brand and increase the awareness of your products and service is invaluable. That’s why we have developed an innovative, pioneering and industry disruptive bidding system. This system allows the market to dictate the placement of brand ads on every regional landing home page of our global platform, in our numerous outbound communication emails with consumers and businesses, as well as within our newsletters.

How does it work? Operating in a similar way to an auction, member businesses place bids on desired brand advertising opportunities, by type, date range, and home page region. They secure advertising space by placing the highest offer before bidding ends, or simply buy the ad space. To take advantage of this opportunity, business members pay a very small platform user fee each month. They then customise the categories and cities they wish to have brand presence in on an ongoing basis. Values for towns, cities, regions, and countries chosen are based upon brand reach potential and economic buying power in each target market.

Unlike other limited scope, unsustainable, one dimensional models, we do not demand a sales revenue share, nor do we mandate pricing levels that erode your brand value, brand equity, and margins. In this way, Global Coupon delivers ultimate reach and flexibility to meet your changing sales and marketing needs, on your terms.

We believe in giving back to the community at large.

Global Coupon is pro-business and pro-consumer. Not only do we directly support charitable endeavours, we enable registered charitable organizations worldwide by providing them with the mechanism to drive large charitable dollars, while also enabling businesses the opportunity to establish or increase their CSR (Corporate social responsibility) and goodwill.  At the same time, we assist entrepreneurial minded individuals in first, second, and third world communities to positively affect their earning capacity.

Simply put, Global Coupon makes good sense. Join now, create your master business listings page, grow your business, brand presence, and profits, while selling into receptive new and emerging markets.

Want us to onboard your business/brand ? Connect with us and we'll be pleased to get you started.