Student Affiliates: For Faculty Advisors & Professors

Why not arm your students with an easy, no risk opportunity to gain experience in business, marketing, fundraising and building networks?

There’s no question that practical knowledge and real world market experience in chosen fields are key for successful graduates from your programs to gain competitive advantage for employment and critical transition from scholastic to their next career position.

The Global Coupon Affiliate Program offers students a vehicle to earn long term revenue while proactively benefiting their careers. From entrepreneurship, marketing, online advertising and branding, B2C and B2B channel development to fundraising, community building and overall leadership skills, the Global Coupon Affiliate Program delivers a unique win-win-win opportunity for students of all backgrounds and locations.

How does the Global Coupon Affiliate Program work?

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Global Coupon Access Cards enable institutions to align their brands with a win-win-win opportunity. On top of giving students more value and savings, you can get additional brand exposure with placement on the cards while showing continual support for driving local economy, area businesses and student costs savings. Institutions, programs, and various fundraising endeavours can utilize bulk purchased Access Cards at a wholesale cost to enable a highly attractive fundraising model for the institution. 

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