Student Affiliates: For Business

Looking to target the student market? Or, were you approached by a Global Coupon Affiliate who is a student? Then you’ve come to the right place.

The Global Coupon Affiliate Program is a program for businesses to cost-effectively expand brand reach and deliver brand offers to the desirable student market. Further, gain peace of mind knowing that your business activity on the Global Coupon platform not only helps students to become business and community leaders it also enables socially responsible funding for registered Global Coupon charities of choice or your very own cause.

Our students and graduates are a vital part of the world’s current and future consumers and business owners. Your product, service, and professional service brands gain a critical audience for current and future brand loyalty and sales. 

The Global Coupon Affiliate Program offers a purpose-built, single access point to deliver your branding and brand offers to students around the corner, or around the world. Our platform increases brand presence, solidifies brand promise, drives new customer acquisition, grows average purchase price, strengthens customer loyalty and last, but not least, increases sales profit.

Collegiate or student Affiliates with Global Coupon encourage students to spend at your business by promoting your offers online and in-store. We also provide point-of-purchase tools to display acceptance of your brand offers to Global Coupon members, in addition to best practices materials for your staff to accept these offers.

How does the Global Coupon Affiliate Program work?

Get the Global Coupon Access Card

Global Coupon Access Cards enable businesses to expand the reach of their offerings, drive in-store and online sales and brand exposure. As a participating Business Member, on top of giving students more value and savings, you can expand the reach of your brand while showing support for students as future long term loyal consumers.

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