For Students: Global Coupon Affiliate Program

Global Coupon empowers students with income/revenue streams, vital in-market sales, business development, and marketing experience to support the necessary bridge between education, affordability, and career experience. How will you leverage the Global Coupon platform to accomplish your goals ?


Students! Looking for an incredibly meaningful way to earn money long-term, while driving social impact: 

  • Create a long term income stream, gain vital business, marketing, sales, business development experience for your resume profile, while contributing to a win-win-win social entrepreneurship opportunity to help your community, your most cherished social causes, or even your own college or university as a student or alumni. As a bonus, help your fellow students save money, while enabling your favourite businesses to market their products and services more intelligently, becoming brands that people value most.

The Global Coupon Affiliate Program is easy to join:

  • You don’t pay us a cent. In fact, we pay you. By engaging businesses to sign up as a Business Member, you receive a percentage of each businesses' annual membership spend, on a monthly basis. There’s no cost to join, it is recurring, inclusive and limitless.


Getting started takes no time at all:

  • Once you’re registered as a Global Coupon platform Affiliate, you are assigned a specific encoded Affiliate ID link that is uniquely yours. Then you simply engage small, medium, large scale businesses and brands in your area via web, tablet, mobile, social channels, online, in person, typically sending them an email with your link code etc. Once they use your link (link is active for 72 hours once used for each unique visitor) to visit the Global Coupon platform, your encoded link tracks the user simply registering as a Business member, and your Affiliate ID code continues to track membership spend from EACH business enlisted, tracking commissions to you as the referring affiliate, long term. Businesses can appoint their favourite social cause, charitable/non-profit, or educational institution from a drop down upon registering, which drives revenue to both, the student and the selected charitable/Non-profit, or College/University recipient, which the platform remits on behalf of it donors ! Continue to increase your earnings by simply spreading the word to your social networks, clubs, teams and friends. Its easy, convenient, and can easily accrue a lot of revenue !


The Global Coupon Affiliate Program offers students a vehicle to earn long term revenue while proactively benefiting their careers:

  • Earn passive income on all the business members you enlist, for as long as they utilize the Global Coupon platform. Or, if you are looking to fundraise for your favorite charitable organization, student associations, non-profit groups or clubs, then this offers you the vehicle to enable Business Members to raise funds in perpetuity for your association, club etc, positioning your groups and clubs for future revenue stream growth.

From entrepreneurship, marketing, online advertising and branding, B2C and B2B channel development to fundraising, community building and overall leadership skills, the Global Coupon Affiliate Program delivers a unique win-win-win opportunity for students of all backgrounds and locations.

Help businesses market and advertise more intelligently while incorporating innovative leading edge digital brand marketing to expand their markets, brand reach and sales profit like never before. Plus, help them integrate a corporate social responsibility (CSR) program that’s easy to implement and sustainable over the long-term.

How does the Global Coupon Affiliate Program work ?


Get the Global Coupon Access Card

Global Coupon Access Cards enable students to get additional offers and promotions in-store at participating Business Member locations. On top of giving students more value and savings, you can earn income on group card sales. Ideal for student groups and associations to raise funds, the Access Card comes branded to show continual support for driving local economy, area businesses, and student costs savings.

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