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It's easy, takes two minutes to register, is limitless and inclusive. Use your computer, tablet, mobile phone, or in person. Providing business solutions to solve business pains that are easy to adopt: Conversion to digital brand marketing and advertising on the Global Coupon platform.


Building win-win alliances and recognizing who your friends are, in business, and in personal life, is the key to success. That's the basis of the Global Coupon Affiliate Program.  

Affiliate marketing is a great way to make supplementary money or a primary living - long term. Whether you use web, tablet, your smart phone, in person, social media, online advertising or direct referral to individuals, associations, government programs and businesses, we provide generous, commission based rewards direct to you.

Follow all of your activity using the Global Coupon Affiliate Program's powerful customizable online affiliate tracking and account management system.


Here's how it works:

1. Each business prospect/brand company clicks on your unique affiliate link code sent to them from your laptop/computer, smart phone, or tablet, typically in an email to text.

2. The visitor's IP is logged and a cookie is placed in their browser for tracking purposes.

3. The visitor browses the Global Coupon platform, and may decide to sign up and start using the platform as an additional channel for their digital marketing, advertising, and online media needs.

4. If the visitor signs up their Business membership and starts using the Global Coupon platform (the visitor does not need to sign up or start using the platform during the same browser session, as the cookies and IPs are stored/tracked for 72 hours), a percentage of their membership will be registered as a sale and recurring sale for you, for as long as the business continues to use the platform.

5. A percentage of EACH business' monthly platform membership spend you sign up, is attributed to you monthly. You will receive commission payouts on the following 15th of each month, based on the volume of sales/recurring sales from the previous actual month.

That's it ! You send us business, we send you money. Its that easy!

Still not quite sure how it works? Click on our handy infographic:

Global Coupon Affiliate Program Marketing

Entrepreneurs, businesses, agencies, marketing firms, government organizations, charities and non-profits can all become revenue generating affiliates with Global Coupon.

We are particularly proud to have also designed our pioneering model to enable registered charities worldwide to leverage and benefit from our " Super Platform " as no cost Charitable/Non-profit Affiliates of the platform, and/or appointed donor recipients from worldwide Business Members. Empowering businesses to easily convert a percentage of their annual business spend into public good, strengthening communities, and empowering individuals, as we create and maintain vibrant economies worldwide.


Thrive with the Global Coupon Affiliate Program

Earn more revenue for yourself, for your business, charitable/non-profit, and share your success with a lucrative flat commission level program starting from 7% and increasing to 10% through income volume incentives, based on new and recurring affiliate platform spend/month:

  • 7%: Up to $5,000 in new/recurring sales per month
  • 8%: Between $5,000 and $7,500 in new/recurring sales per month
  • 9%: Between $7,500 and $10,000 in new/recurring sales per month
  • 10%: Over $10,000 in new/recurring sales per month



Commissions are paid out on the 15th day of each month, based on new/recurring sales from the previous actual (calendar) month.

Minimum commission payout amounts can be set between $50 and $500 per month - you choose ! The default and minimum possible payout per month starts at $50.

The Global Coupon Affiliate Program uses PayPal as the default option for payouts, or by Cheque. To receive monthly payouts through PayPal, you have a PayPal account and must provide your PayPal ID and PayPal email address in the online form when you sign up.

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