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We believe in providing the people who believe in us, with as much support as we can possibly provide. 


Affiliate marketing can be a somewhat overwhelming world to first step into. At Global Coupon, we want to minimize that feeling as much as possible. The Global Coupon Affiliate Program is powered by leading affiliate tracking software, Post Affiliate Pro, used by thousands of Internet merchants and affiliates world-wide.

As a Global Coupon Affiliate, you will have your own control panel where you can see detailed statistics of traffic and sales you referred, news and training materials, and choice of banners and text links.

Additionally, Global Coupon offers you even more support:


Advertising Toolkit and Content Resources

The Global Coupon Affiliate Advertising Toolkit that you receive after you sign up as an Affiliate Member, provides you with your most valuable basic asset for use in your network marketing and sales activities. It includes:

  • 1. Global Coupon Fact Sheet

  • 2. Advertising Guidelines Tools for the Web and print, including scripts, graphics and branding standards

  • 3. FAQ Sheet

Online Banners, Videos and Email Templates

Global Coupon provides registered members of the Global Coupon Affiliate Program with online marketing and advertising tools from their affiliate dashboard.

Global Coupon Digital Marketing Advertising

Postcards and Flyers

Global Coupon provides registered members of the Global Coupon Affiliate Program with marketing and informational tools such as postcards and flyers, that can be displayed online or emailed, or downloaded and printed for distribution. 

Global Coupon Affiliate Program Marketing


Global Coupon offers an affiliate newsletter for all registered members of the Global Coupon Affiliate Program that offers monthly news and tips on how to make the most from your affiliate membership.

We want to ensure that all of our affiliates are confident and supported as they introduce the world to Global Coupon, and encourage our affiliates to use these materials to support their income-earning activities.

How does the Global Coupon Affiliate Program work ?

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